Changing (Blank) To Numeric Zero

I am currently in the middle of creating some custom tooling and surfacing the outcomes in PowerBI.  I created a DAX measure to provide some insights as to whether a trip was currently in-progress or had concluded.

Writing the measure was fairly straightforward using a combination of a custom calculated column based on cross-referencing the current date (today) with the date of trip:

  • Date Of Visit < Today = Concluded
  • Date Of Visit = Today = In-Progress
  • Date Of Visit > Today = Scheduled

However, a simple DAX measure such as:

Scheduled Visits = calculate(countrows(SOURCE),SOURCE[Trip Status]=”Scheduled”) will result in:


There is a super simple resolution to this:

Scheduled Visits = IF(calculate(countrows(SOURCE),SOURCE[Trip Status]=”Scheduled”)=BLANK(),0,calculate(countrows(SOURCE),Source[Trip Status]=”Scheduled”)) 

As you can see, using a simple IF statement quickly resolves the issue:


I am always open to hearing simpler approaches, so if you have one, please let me know!

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