Apple AirPods & Tile

Off track a little for my usual posts…..I purchased some AirPods at Christmas and been having a lot of issues. Intermittent connectivity, call audio not routing properly, Siri audio not routing etc. just extremely frustrating. Spoke to Apple Support who sent a replacement pair. Pretty much the same issue. So after some researching, discovered a couple of key things – 1) the AirPod experience people have is extremely hit and miss and 2) if you have the Tile app installed with Bluetooth enabled, for reasons not really explained it messes with the AirPod connectivity.

The solution is simple albeit it reduces the functionality of Tile. Go to your Tile app, Settings and then under options disable app Bluetooth. Miraculously, this resolved the issue – AirPods behaving as expected across all use cases.

I sincerely hope Apple and Tile can get together to get this resolved, in the interim…solution found!

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