PowerBI & That Pesky (blank) & Our Friend The BOOLEAN

Like many others, I do not want displayed measures in my PowerBI to show (blank) – it’s generally too ambiguous and just plain ugly.  I generally use an IF statement in my DAX code to replace (blank) with 0, as that is a more accurate representation of my data.

There is another issue….I have experienced an issue recently (and read of others experiencing this too) where a report gets published and it looks as it does in PowerBI Desktop.  However, when a refresh takes place (manual or scheduled), certain measures display as (blank) even though they should have a value.

Whilst I do not know the backend cause, the issue is related to DAX which contains a BOOLEAN filter.  For example, this is a sample of code I wrote which caused this exact issue:

Measure = calculate(COUNTA(CustomerTracker[AttendeeRegistered]),filter(CustomerTracker,CustomerTracker AttendeeRegistered]=”TRUE”))

The field AttendeeRegistered in the table CustomerTracker is coming from a SharePoint Online list.  This field is set up as Yes/No.  When the data comes in to PowerBI, it is ‘translated’ to TRUE or FALSE – hence, you would expect my DAX to work – and it does….to a point.  We can now go back to my second paragraph, where refreshing the data causes perfectly good measures to display as (blank).

The resolution is simple…super simple.

  1. Select the Data icon for the table in question
  2. Find your True/False field and select the entire column
  3. Under Modeling, change the data type to True/False
  4. You will see the True/False listed in the column change to Italics
  5. Save Report and Republish


For whatever reason – PowerBI is not converting True/False text to True/False data type.

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