Windows 10 & HDMI Audio

I’ve been experiencing a strange issue.  Windows 10 on a Surface Book 3 connected to an external HDMI device (in this case an LG TV or a Samsung Series 8 TV).  Picture was fine, just no audio.  I finally got around to troubleshooting the issue and this is a strange one.

I cannot pinpoint exactly which updated causes the issue, but if you are experiencing the same problem – no sound – then this is the workaround:

  1. Right-click speaker icon in taskbar
  2. Select Playback devices
  3. Ensure the default sound device is the correct one for your machine and right-click
  4. Advanced tab
  5. Change Default Format to something that is NOT (DVD Quality) – I choose Studio quality.  Click OK
  6. This should resolve your issue

Some forums talk about updating drivers etc., whilst this may fix your issue – try the above first, if audio working as normal through other outputs.

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